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Sunday, April 20, 2014
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New Chassis Pickup / Return Policy at NIT

Effective Monday April 14, 2014

The Port of Virginia, at NIT, has a goal to improve the drivers experience when picking up a good available chassis. To achieve this goal we will implement a new process for picking up and dropping off chassis. The process will start at NIT first on April 14th. As we learn from the new process we plan implementation at APMT.

Drivers will be required to pick-up and drop off all chassis at the NCY chassis yard unless one of the conditions listed below exist. Roadworthy chassis will be available on terminal, inside the Chassis Service Area (CSA) located next to the Tower, for drivers which require a chassis swap for size or damage. Below are some scenarios the trucking community will encounter and the respective action.

Driver Action
In empty/load , one way move to transfer zone/stack
Exit terminal with chassis
In empty/load, one way move to transfer zone/ stack with damaged chassis
After dismount driver may drop damaged chassis at CSA and pickup good chassis
In empty/load, two way move with bad chassis
Motor carrier has the choice of using same chassis and visiting roadabilty after mounting or take bare chassis after dismount to CSA and pick up a roadworthy chassis
In empty/load , two way move , switching chassis sizes
After dismount take good chassis to CSA and swap out with proper size
Dropping a container on chassis (designated by terminal)
Bobtail out
Bobtail in
Pickup chassis at NCY chassis yard
Picking up container on chassis
Bob tail in

Note: There will be times when a driver enters the terminal with a chassis for pickup of container, knowing the container is on wheels. In these cases we encourage the driver to drop-off the inbound chassis at the NCY prior to entering the terminal.

If the driver enters terminal with a chassis, and is not aware the pickup container is already mounted on a chassis, the driver may drop chassis at the CSA on terminal.

Damaged chassis will no longer be located in T9. Please return all damaged chassis to the NCY.

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New Chassis Pickup / Return Policy at NIT
(4/15/2014) Effective Monday April 14, 2014 

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